Drum Corps


10.00am to 11.00pm every Saturday

Morton Hall Community Centre
Union Road
Macclesfield, SK11 7BN

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About our Drum Corps

MYBB Drum Corps was started in May 2012 following a successful workshop with members of the Cheshire Constabulary Drum Corps.

Membership is already into double figures and the drummers are enjoying every aspect of learning to play bass, tenor and snare drum along with marching and performance technique. The corps has performed alongside the other bands and has also taken part in a joint concert with The Fairey Band.

Thanks to funding from Cheshire East Council and The Norman Jones Trust we have been able to purchase suitable lightweight marching drums so that the corps can accept engagements for parades in our local community.

Musical Director Tim Grindey

Tim began his playing career at the age of seven, joining Bollington Training Band on Cornet, and progressing up to Bollington Brass Band at the age of 10. Tim also joined the South East Cheshire Youth Band under Louise Renshaw.
Having moved from Bollington Brass, Tim joined the Band of the Cheshire Constabulary under David Woollam, where he also became a member of the Drum Corps.

Tim became Musical Director of our newly formed MYBB Drum Corps in May 2012, which has become a great success. Having grown with MYBB from a player, Tim took to conducting under Louise and Cheryl with the Junior Band as Deputy MD, and became Junior Band Musical Director and a Trustee in March 2014.

Tim is a plumbing and heating engineer by trade, and has run his own business since 2010.