Brass bands continue to have a loyal fan base in the UK and we are proud to produce some of the best bands in the world. However, to thrive in the future bands must move with the times and that’s where Macclesfield Youth Brass Band excels.

MYBB has three bands and a drum corps and welcomes total beginners and advanced musicians alike.  With over 120 members, most playing instruments owned by the band, and with membership subs of just over £1 per week, MYBB is a dynamic organisation, run entirely by volunteers who are determined to further the brass band tradition in a way that attracts and inspires today’s youth.

Upcoming Events

  • 24/06/2017Gawsworth Fete parade - Junior band and Drum CorpsOur Junior Band and Drum Corps will be leading the parade at Gawsworth.Read More
  • 24/06/2017 7:00 pmLove Music Trust Summer ConcertLove Music Trust Summer Concert.Read More
  • 02/07/2017 2:00 pmSouth Park Bandstand concertSouth ParkAll MYBB bands will be performing on South Park Bandstand.Read More
  • 08/07/2017 4:00 pmSummer Garden Party for cancer charitiesSummer Garden Party for cancer charitiesRead More
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